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RR Hird Web Based Training
Want to learn more about the computer and software that you use every day?  Most of us only use about 25% of the available features in our software.  But you don’t have a lot of time or money.  How about webinars?  Webinars are internet based training. You log into a website, and then using a USB connected headset or using your phone to dial into a session, you can see my computer and hear me as I show you more of the features in your programs. And you can log in from anywhere, home or office, in your business suit or your jammies.

By using Team Viewer, having productive training sessions are a snap. Users simply log in to a session.  And you don’t have to have any special hardware or software. Any internet connected computer can become a training site.  If you don’t have a headset with microphone, you can call in to hear the audio portion of the training. Not only can we hear each other, but if you have specific questions and want me to be able to see your screen to demonstrate a problem or question, this is also possible.

Content of a class is up to you.  It is just like having me sitting next to you in your home or office. But since I don’t have to drive to your location, I can offer reduced rates.  Have more than one user needing training in your firm?  I can accommodate up to 15 users simultaneously.

So call me at 602-989-4098 or email me at Rozanne@rrhird.com to let me know what training you want and when.