R R Hird & Company

"I Do Windows"

“Rozanne has helped me set up and learn how to use my ACT! contact program and Palm and now Blackberry. She has expertly and smoothly moved me into the new technology necessary for my business. I am working easier and faster because of her knowledge.”

                                                                    - Barbara Kaplan, Design Dimensions Interior Design Consultant & Mentor

“Rozanne is my personal EMT, 911, and SOS when it comes to helping me figure out what is happening with my computer. She is not only VERY smart, but also understandable, and a delight to work with. If you have ANY PC problems, call her and save yourself huge headaches.”

                                                                                                                         - JoAnne Musolf, Owner The Musolf Group

“Rozanne is simply amazing. It is rare in this world to find a generous person, knowledgeable, professional, and passionate to help others. I have backed up Rozanne on several jobs and her clients simply love her. I have utilized her services for some of my clients and she has performed admirably. Not only does she "Do Windows", she knows her limitations and excels at her strengths. I'm proud to call her my friend above referring to her as my trusted professional colleague.”

                                                                                                                    - Kenneth von Hopf, Owner Tech Paramedics

“Rozanne has helped me on several occasions to clean up my computer or get it working again as well. I have also recommended her to my clients and they have loved the work she does. She is so easy going and sets my mind at ease that all is right with the world again after IT challenges. I love her!”

               - Jody Owen, President, The Space You're In, Workplace Transformation Specialist, Speaking and Training

“Rozanne certainly know Windows and ACT. She has bailed me out of several problems with my computer. I hired her in 1997 to help me buy my first computer and printer, which I used for a long time before I outgrew them. She even went shopping with me!”

                                                                                            - Doreen Pollack, Garden Goddess at Down 2 Earth Gardens

“Nothing is more stressful than a computer problem. Rozanne is voice of calmness, experience and knowledge. She knows how to solve the problem and relieve the stress. She is great.”

                                                                                                                                           - Helen Goldman, Primo Promo

“I think you are the most wonderful, fabulous person in the world. Thank you for setting up a template in ACT for the Women of Scottsdale database. This template has saved me 5 hours worth of work. I really appreciate your knowledge and help.”

                                                               - Lisa Platt, Administrator at Women of Scottsdale & Central Phoenix Women