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Rozanne has been helping people understand and negotiate their computers for more than ten years. Utilizing her extensive communication skills developed through more than 20 years in corporate training positions, she walks her clients through every step of developing a comfort level with their computers.

Whether you have just purchased your first computer or you are a seasoned user who requires a high level of sophisticated support, Rozanne will fill your needs. Her recommended solutions are based on a needs analysis. She arrives at her recommendations after extensive consultation with each client that leads her to develop a specific action plan, based on their unique needs and budget.

For the novice client, Rozanne teaches in non technical language using familiar similes. As an example, she will explain the basic functioning of a computer by comparing it to a file cabinet with drawers and file folders within those drawers.

Power users look to Rozanne for more advanced levels of hardware and software challenges. Rozanne provides tips, short cuts and support including database creation and customization, problem solving and data analysis.

Whatever category you are in, virus and malware prevention and removal are vital. Rozanne’s extensive knowledge in these areas will make the difference. A secured computer environment will protect your personal data, software and hardware, and prevent crashes or worse. Backup is also a vital part of a safe computing environment. Rozanne can show you how to back up manually, or can set up automated backup.

Rozanne’s special area of expertise is ACT! and its connection to smartphones. In explaining ACT!, she says, “It is like a database on steroids. It keeps track of your contacts, calendar and emails, which is only the beginning of the capabilities for this powerful contact manager.”

In summary, Rozanne says “I understand and speak geek, but I also speak English and I am a great interpreter."