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RR Hird Computer Security
Is your computer running slow?  Not sure if your security software is adequately protecting you? Rozanne can run a security analysis, clean up your computer, remove existing malware and viruses and make sure you are protected from future attacks.

Just like many of us have clutter in our homes and offices, computers also have lots of unneeded junk clogging up the works and slowing down performance. Almost every piece of installed software adds something to the system Startup profile, all of which must load into memory and wait for you to use it.  Ninety percent of those files don’t need to be loaded. Removing these will cut down on boot up time, as well as freeing up memory so you can run more applications efficiently.  And cleaning out temporary files will also streamline your operation and make an older computer perform like it is new again.

Is your data backed up?  Every computer will fail.  It’s only a matter of time.  How much time have you spent creating those important files?  Rozanne can show you the available options, including cloud based backup, automated Clickfree backup drives and manual backup to a flash drive or other media.